Pema Kenya



Pema Kenya is an organisation that thrives advancing the human rights of gender and sexual minorities, specifically in Mombasa—was formed in 2008. PEMA Kenya was founded within a context of tragedy when a young gay-identifying man, shunned and stigmatized by his family because of his sexual orientation, died in May 2008. There was no one to honor his memory or give him a decent burial. Stunned by such a level of loathing for gay people, a group of gay men in Mombasa came together to find a decent and dignified resting place for him. It was this support of one of their own that gave birth to the Brotherhood, which evolved into  Persons Marginalized and Aggrieved in Kenya (PEMA Kenya)

PEMA Kenya had its first three-year strategic planning process in 2012, resulting in a strategic plan that saw the organisation develop partnerships and networks, and engage in work with institutions that have been considered perpetrators of violence towards gender and sexual minorities. PEMA Kenya’s work with the police, religious leaders, media, healthcare providers, and advocates of the High Court of Kenya pushed the organisation to realise that there was still great need to reach out to people from all walks of life and provide them with knowledge on gender and sexual minority issues.

what we do

Health Promotion

To facilitate access to comprehensive healthcare services by GSM by 2022, PEMA Kenya will facilitate engagements with county and national health systems to improve understanding of GSM needs. We also commit to develop programmes that address SRH needs of GSM as well as develop and implement a linkage and referral system that will meet the needs of our clients

Social and economic empowerment

To enhance the capacity of GSM to participate, engage, and demand inclusivity in social and economic spaces, PEMA Kenya will engage GSM—individuals and communities to develop programmes addressing social participation, develop and fund programs targeted at expanding economic participation opportunities and also develop programmes that improve the security and well-being of GSM persons

Policy & advocacy

As a cross-cutting theme, we will work with different stakeholders that we have to identify barriers to access and a levelized environment for inclusivity for all people including the Gender and Sexual Minorities.

Institutional Strengthening

To strengthen the leadership, management, and technical capacity of PEMA-K to deliver on its mandate, We shall recruit and retain competent human resources at the Secretariat and Board levels. We commit to develop and pursue alternative sources of revenue/funding, develop and implement capacity-building programmes for the Secretariat and Board and develop and implement organisational policies and strategies that will improve its technical capacicity.

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