PEMA Kenya

What we do

About the organization

PEMA-Kenya is a membership-based organisation founded in 2008 whose work is premised upon creating an enabling environment for its members and the general population to thrive.

We are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer (LGBTIQ)-led organisation that works with Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) individuals and communities as well as stakeholders seeking to bridge the gap that exists between the general population and the GSM community.

Community ownership
  • Our core existence is based on our members. We seek to implement the activities and ideas generated by our membership and stakeholders.
  • We pledge to follow through on the promises we make to our members and stakeholders. Persistence in our path will be the guarantor of our success.
  • We understand and will continue to appreciate the dynamism in the sector within which we work. We commit to be responsive in all matters in which we engage.
  • We affirm that there cannot be progress without congruence of thought and purpose. We strive to consult all relevant parties and include them in the decisions and progress we make.
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