Better Person.

Better Person.

By Henry Ominde.

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Believing in God always made me feel good, safe and complete but everything changed after they referred to me as a disgrace, a sinner, an unworthy being.

Day in day out they ask me to repent, they ask me to change my ways and claim that the wages of my sin is death.

As if that isn’t enough they go an extra mile to try and end my life. Death threats, random attacks and even insults. Well they say sticks and stones may break my bones but words they come and go. They do go, into my mind and kill me from deep within.

Well, some reached out, some claimed to care but all it was, was just a show. They used me to show the world how the saints are supposed to love the sinners. They used me to profit, both financially and to boost their ego and pride.

My kind is being hunted, all over the world not because we are different be cause we are who we are. Because we believe in freedom, because bondage does not limit us.

My mistakes aren’t forgiven. They amplify them to extremes. They say that I am bad influence. They push me aside and enjoy it too.

It makes them feel as if they are gods. The modest ones claim to follow God’s will but to me it’s all the same.

It’s never been about God. It’s all about feeling good about yourself, being in charge, promoting arrogance, seeking profit, hiding the fact that we are threatened even envious of those that decide to be who they are unapologetically.

Does it make you happy to slit throats, shoot bullets, throw insults at those are simply themselves? Is this God’s word? Does this create a better place for your children and their children? Does this ‘war’ make the world a better place for any of us? Does any of this even make sense to any of you?

Well I am tired of fighting, living lies, tolerating negativity, hostility and arrogance yet still claiming to be hopeful.

I choose to live my life, invest in understanding myself and be unto others what I would want them to be to me even when they choose not to.

I choose to look up to the sky and smile knowing that the universe and whatever gave me this life is pleased and proud of me for who I am.

I choose not to make the world a better place because I am not able to do so but I choose to make myself a better person for that is who I am.



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