By Henry Ominde.

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Sometimes we get to that place where we feel too comfortable. That place where everything seems to be working perfectly. Every step looks right. Every feedback received is nothing less than positive. Well this place seems to be the destination of a journey.

We immediately start giving thanks to God. We thank the universe for the opportunity and even begin sharing our testimonies. We look back on the dirty road, that road of hardships, torment, disappointment, sleepless nights, hard work and sometimes pain and if seems like we are at that table. The table whereby we get to feast before our enemies. The Comfort Table.

We reach for the expensive china and begin to serve. Some of us, well let’s just say have an appetite while others are watching their weight. As we pick up the silver ware, the mood is modest and everyone looks ravished and delighted. A few minutes into the meal we engage in conversations. Some take part in it while others as they say, dig in.

A happy moment, a picture perfect moment it is. But wait. So one of us at the comfort table drops their cutlery and we all turn to look at them. Some of us are irritated by the sound it makes as it bounces on the floor. Others try to help them pick it up. Some do so while making fun of them. Another genuinely empathises with the incident while some look at them as an embarrassment, as an individual that is undeserving to be on the comfort table.

This is followed by an abrupt moment of silence that ushers in a shift in the mood and brew of opinions begin to form.

“Dont they have etiquette? Who drops their cutlery? Why would I help them pick it up? The food is so tasty. Poor them! They dont know how to use cutlery. It could happen to anyone.” These are some of the thoughts and opinions. Some were said out loud while some remain hidden but in reality a perfect moment was brought back to reality by nature’s force of gravity.

Well, what am I trying to say. It’s simple. You see being comfortable is something that we all strive to attain. And it means different thing to us as we are all unique. But then reality will always keep us in check. Reality will remind us that nothing is ever perfect. That comfort is attainable but reality still remains. I mean think of that moment when the silverware slips to the ground while you are caught up enjoying your victory meal. What would that be like for you if you were one that had dropped the cutlery?

Would you be ashamed? Would you politely ask for a new set? Would you demand for a new set? Would you use your hands to eat and simply enjoy the meal? Would you excuse yourself? I mean what would you do?

I have learnt that being comfortable is something that we all work hard to attain. Attaining it does bring us together but at the same time we still remain to be different individuals dinning on the same comfort table. Our responses and reactions will always vary.

I’ll let you think through this vividly and allow you to interpret the incident in your own unique way. But all I can share from my thoughts is, regardless of how things may seem, feel or be at the Comfort Table, always be grateful and hold on to your seat. You deserve to be seated on it.



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