By Henry Ominde.

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Welcome to 2020. It’s always great crossing over into a new year. All the resolutions, expectations and promises we make to ourselves. The changes we strongly vow to make into our lives. The people we finally decide to let go of. The investments we decide make with hopes that they would eventually yield. The relationships we anticipate to build as well as all those that we are set to cut off. 

I agree it’s a good feeling but one thing that i dislike about this time is how it’s always the same every year. I dislike the excitement that eventually fades away, the pressure to make changes only to give up or settle for less, the unrealistic notion that the year has got to be perfect and better. But does it?

2019 was far from perfection for me. I lost so many things. Ended relationships that i believed would last forever. I made numerous hospital visits. I had lots of nervous breakdowns and panic attacks. I lacked on several occassions. I felt miserable and shitty. But truth be told i experienced Love, care and compassion. I met individuals that were super kind to me. People that would went out of their way to ensure that i was comfortable. People that opened their doors , listened , committed to understanding my point of view and helped me to learn and improve who i am. I would say that i met angels. 

Yet more importantly i also got to share the positivity that i recieved. I got to be compassionate, I got to learn what empathy was and also give it, i got to love. And get this, the most important bit of it is that i got to give this to someone very important, me. Being kind to yourself, showing yourself compassion and practicing selfcare is the most important and productive exerecise that anyone could undertake. Prosperity starts with a good mood. Success begins with a happy mind. Positive vibes come from how you treat yourself. 

Don’t get me wrong, everyone matters but before everyone theres me. At the end of it all, you are genuinely all you’ve really got. Your can’t give what you dont have. You can’t share what you are in need of. 

In a nutshell what im saying is, don’t expect the year to be flawless and perfect. Cause it won’t. This is not your year, it never is. We all live in one planet that goes round the same star. LOL. 

Understand that life is what it is and that the best we can do is to take care of ourselves improve our humanity, love some more, be kind to ourselves as well as others and remember that forever doesn’t last so live today at it’s best (i mean responsibly, LOL)



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