IDAHOBIT 2023: Together Always, United In Diversity

IDAHOBIT 2023: Together Always, United In Diversity


This year’s theme, “Together always: united in diversity,” was decided through a large consultation with LGBTQIA+ organisations from around the world.

This theme will allow for advocacy and celebrations in many forms – be them from human rights defenders, LGBTQIA+ civil society groups, millions of people in our communities, and our allies.

In a time where the progress made by our LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide is increasingly at risk, it is crucial to recognise the power of solidarity, community, and allyship across different identities, movements, and borders. When we unite, in all our beautiful diversity, we can really bring about change!

By coming together and raising our voices, we can make a difference in the lives of LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities worldwide.

Pema Kenya’s 2023 IDAHOBIT Commemoration

This year, we will be hosting a closed event for LGBTIQIA+ community members in Mombasa. This event will provide an opportunity for our LGBTIQIA+ community members to reflect on the recent developments in the Kenyan republic with regards to LGBTIQIA+ Communities. These include the recent Supreme Court’s judgement on The Freedom of Association for the LGBTIQIA+ Organizing that evoked the anti-gender movement. We also have witnessed recent attacked, assaults and even targeted killing of community members.

There is tension and certain rise in LGBTIQIA+ related legislations in Kenya, East Africa and Africa by extension. We have seen what is happening in Uganda with the Anti-homosexuality bill, which is ibn await for the president’s assent and which has had a direct impact to what is happening in Kenya through Homabay’s parliamentarian, Mr Kaluma on the Family Prection Bill that is still a draft. All these regional developments are a great threat to human rights and humanity by extension. The #Repeal162 case that was set for a mention on Monday 15th May 2023 was postponed to a later date.

Pema Kenya will be attending the regional learning and exchange program at the High Commission of Canada to Kenya a pre-planning meeting ahead of the main reception event on 17th May 2023; still at the High Commission’s.


We would like to encourage you to take an active role in this year’s campaign, and to help us spread the word about the importance of this day. To assist you in this effort, we have prepared a comprehensive Communications kit that includes information and resources to make it easier for you to get involved.

Our kit includes guidelines on how individuals and organisations can participate and engage with the campaign, a timeline to help you plan your activities, and suggestions for copies to use on different social media platforms. We believe that, with your help, we can make a significant impact in our collective efforts to end homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia.



Important note: Events around 17 May go by different names and acronyms, and that’s okay. The Committee who started working around the date back in 2004 currently uses IDAHOBIT, and will therefore use the hashtags #IDAHOBIT and #IDAHOBIT2023

Although we have seen the translation of the “I” as “intersexism,” this is a term considered to be vague and misleading. After consulting with Intersex organisations, we ask everyone to please refrain from using this term and use the term “intersexphobia” instead. Also note that the name of the Day does not currently include “intersexphobia,” as there is no global consensus among Intersex communities that this should be included in the remit of 17 May.

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