Let it shine.

Let it shine.

By Henry Ominde.

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If ever my life had a theme song it would be the sunday school rhyme this little light.

For most of my life I have been put down, belittled. By both strangers, friends, foes but none has had a greater role in this than the man in the mirror.

I have allowed myself to be a victim. I have allowed myself to carry baggage that wasn’t even mine yo begin with. I have allowed myself to suffer in my own hands just so I could make things better for others. Just so I could get validation that I am special. Little did I know that in this process I was blocking my light.

You see friends, life is a platform. One that gives us so many experiences and privileges, which we might or might not be aware of. Life comes along with highs and lows but that’s not it’s rhythm.

Life’s rhythm drawn from the fact that everyone before you came into existence, your life had a purpose. It is often our responsibility to atleast try and find out what it is rather than to have a fixed mindset on what it should me. I believe that this blocks our light.

And yes, we sometimes experience dark moments. For me there’s been several and I’m sure that there’s still more to come but now how is my light supposed to shine without darkness. Lol.

Darkness is necessary, darkness makes us learn and grow, darkness gives relevance to your light.

The world doesn’t need to be a better place. You need to be a better being. You need to spend time with yourself, trying to learn from every experience, trying to connect with the source of life; the beginning. You need to allow your light to shine and appreciate the fact that you aren’t darkness but you are a light.

You are a solution, you are a voice, you are a wind that moves on the surface of the sea, you are a force that impacts the universe. And whether you are aware of this or not, this is who you are.

So now, will you continue to block your light by giving power to others, standing in your own way by being ignorant and dismissive of your value and worth or investing in making others shine while dimming your own light? Well it’s really upto you. But I know what I’m gonna do with this little light of mine.



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