Mark my words

Mark my words

By Henry Ominde.

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I am afraid of what my words can do. I understand that they are capable of so many things. I know that truly they can give and take away life from everything. They can build and destroy.

My words are both a weapon and a cause for celebration. My words can turn worlds apart and bring them together.

Truth is I’ve never really known how to use them. Does anyone really know how to use them? Does anyone really understand what words can do?

We speak them to express ourselves. We write them to store our expressions. We sometimes hide them due to the fear of what they may bring.

Words cant be undone. Neither can they be unsaid. No word is meaningless, no word is plain.

Words are powerful on so many levels. What you tell yourself and others always ends up creating an impact. Everything you communicate both verbally and none verbally is an expression of something in our minds. A portrayal of how we think, feel and what we believe.

Over the years, I have come to understand that my words have shaped my relationships; with my family, friends, colleagues and lovers. I have been mean, I have been kind, I have been insensitive, I have been sensitive, I have been brave, I have been offensive, I have been ignorant, I have been wise, I have been accepting and also unwelcoming all through my words.

I would say that their more to our words than we can phathom.

When one keeps track of their words then they would realise that none of us is innocent and none is guilty. Keeping track our words will reveal that you are as imperfect as your rival.

So mark my words when I say that words are life. They can work both for you and against you. So purpose to use them wisely at all times. But you probably already know this. Ha ha!



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