By Henry Ominde.

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I judged her so many times without caring. Without even trying to understand, i branded her. Each and every thing that she did wasn’t good enough for me. She wasn’t good enough. She wasn’t living the right way. How she dressed, how she put on her make-up and did her hair had somehow become my concern. It somehow became my business to gossip about her. 

I would often pretend to be ok with her but truth was i was bothered. Why? Because she wasn’t what i wanted her to be. She wasn’t living according to my standards. She was ungodly because of her tattoos. She had no values because according to me people with values don’t look/act or talk like her. Theres no way she would fit into my circle so i wouldn’t bother to engage her in a conversation. My kind and her kind were just too far off, you know what i mean right?

My kind is sophisticated. My kind is elite. My kind is Godly. My kind is righteous. My kind is more deserving than her confused kind who’ve terrible life choices. My kind is what everyone should strive to become. I am the standard that is ment to be. I am the character that everyone should aspire to be. Or am i?

As for her kind. Her kind is not worthy of life. Her kind is not worth getting to know. What is her kind even doing around me? There seems to be an imbalance. God forgot that there’s us and then theres them. They need to be in their own world. Hahaha! Yeah right. Like her ratchet, immoral, classless and ungodly kind deserves life. Who even raised her? Was she born to a mother and father? Was she concieved or did she just appear?

I feel that every bad thing she experiences, she actually deserves. She calls for it. She asks for it. She needs to change her ways, her appearance. I pity her kind. How long will she live like this? How long until she realises that the grass is greener on this side? It’s such a pity. 

But hold up who should be pitied? Me or her? I mean she is who she is. She is comfortable in her own skin, not trying to fake who she is. She is not bothered by my cruelty as i am bothered by her existence. She isn’t trying to play a character but is living life as a person. While here i am bothered, making judgements. Instead of living my life and being me, i am busy making judgements. 

I do not know her story. I have never cared to know her story. I do not care the least about her struggles or what she has been through. I have never tried to understand her. I guess arrogance has been my guide. Yet here i am feeling sorry for her as she embraces herself, loves who she really is and acknowleges that she is here to stay. She lives in the midst of my cruel kind who utter mean words and display unkindness yet still her kind manages to exist and aren’t falling into extinction.

Why am i making judgements in the first place? Why am i bothered by her existence? Do i really think that my kind is the right kind or am i in denial of the fact that i have always had to follow and believe something different than what is me? Is every part of me as i would want it to be? Am i my own masterpiece or am i fitting into an image and likeness? Why do i really judge her? Why am i this cruel and hostile? Why am i not trying to love and live in kindness? Is this what i want people to become? Is my idea of a masterpiece worthy of being exhibited in this gallery called life? 

Dear friends, only kindness and love matter.



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