By Henry Ominde.

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Often I have told myself that I needed someone. That I needed someone to love me. That I needed someone to accept me. That I needed someone to hook me up with a better shot at life. That I needed someone special. I believed that I wasn’t enough.

I did this so many times without noticing that I was becoming needy and stagnant. I thought that the world was cruel, vicious and no one really cared. I recall the suicide notes I wrote without realising that i had already taken the poison.

My question is, when will I be enough? When will i realise that everything i have always needed is within me? When will I love myself and become content with that? When will I understand that I can be my own protector? When will I acknowledge the fact that i need to rely on myself more than others for everything?

I believe that it’s time to become my own superheroes. It’s time for each person to stop expecting and start giving themselves what they really need. It’s time to create our own safe spaces, build exotic gardens of hope and tranquility without expecting it from others.

How much have I invested in myself? How much love do I give to myself? How often do I appreciate who I am and who I am not?( Yes, who I am not) How frequently do I genuinely acknowledge how far I have come from and just how brilliant and unique my life experiences have been thus far?

Do I have a healthy relationship with myself or am I expecting something that I know nothing of from someone else? Do I listen to myself or do I demand for others attention? Am I owning my life or displaying my vulnerabilities expecting a miracle to change my life?

I would say that my greatest mistake is not believing that I am capable of being my own saviour thus limiting my capabilities to bring change. Now, I personally believe that no one can change the world but I find it practical to think that we can change ourselves for the better and make the world a better place.



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