By Henry Ominde.

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My people perish for lack of knowledge. Knowledge which they often think they have. Knowledge which is often sought from the wrong sources. Knowledge diluted and cooked to lift one up to the clouds corrupting a thirsty generation. Books, sermons, scripts, schools and the internet. This is where my people go to feed on their thirst for knowledge but is their any truth in what they get? Of what use is this knowledge without truth?

My people are bound by a belief in higher power, yet how this higher power manifests separates them from each other. They are tought to trust and obey for there’s no other way. Weapons, guards, armies are always ready. Each dawn presenting a new war and my people are always ready to fight those who believe in the other way. So then what good is this higher power if all it does is essentially seperate us and enslaves us to it? Is my life worth anything at all or am i simply a slave to a higher power whom i shouldn’t question lest my people will come for me.

My people believe in freedom yet they oppress each other everyday in every way possible and imaginable. Of what use is freedom when all of us are bound by shackles and assume its ok? Of what use is freedom when the only thing that gets you respect is power, which is gotten through wealth which again my people would do anything for.

My people will listen but only to those that are worth their while. How many of my people even listen to themselves? How many of my people even allow that inner voice to speak? Better still, how many of my people know that they need to pay attention to their inner voices?

My people are brave yet they fear being alone. Most of them think that the masses are always right and would also do just about anything to fit in. It really doesn’t matter where they fit in just as long as they do. And why is this you may ask? The answer lies within them, my people.

My people are beautiful, gorgeous, talented, inventors however they still feel the need to get approval from others and still feel that its upto them to approve of others. But if no you don’t see it for yourself then what good will my words be? Why not focus in seeing what we have and sorround ourselves with individuals that will help us see who we are through our own sight?

My people are supportive, kind and generous but for some this is but a weakness. For others it has to be bought. And well for others its something they wish they could experience from my people. However, is it possible for them to give out what they want? Is it possible for them to give without expecting the same and still be whole? Is their a chance that my people would embrace this for better,for worse?

My people have senses not just the common kind but the kind that is unique to only them individually. But for most of them they remain hidden, untouched, unexplored. I pray that someday they would tap into them and make this world a place where each and everyone of my people is proud to call home.

As for now all i can say to my people is LOVE, LIVE & LOVE.



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