On 24 -26 September 2018, PEMA Kenya in partnership with Positive Vibes (PV), and with support from HIVOS, will conduct a three days ‘Looking in Looking out Identity’ (LILO) methodology training for 30 LGBTI members in the County of Mombasa. This is one of the main activities  under a three year country program dubbed ‘Strong in Diversity’ that mainly aims to promote inclusion of LGBTI+ people in society and the recognition of their rights, by opposing discrimination and stereotyping, while also making LGBTI+ communities more resilient.

LILO Identity is a personalised approach to exploring gender identity and sexual orientation. The workshop aims to move individuals towards a positive LGBTI identity, a strong self-concept, and a high regard for themselves as LGBTI individuals. Participants are encouraged to integrate their LGBTI identity with their other qualities and roles – and to see themselves as complex, multifaceted human beings with many strengths and skills. Topics cover language, the emergent development process of exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, relationship skills, creating a circle of positive support, skills for coming out and understanding the impact of prejudice and discrimination.

This particular training is unique since it builds on to the Training of Facilitators on LILO identity Methodology with participants drawn from the community members of the LGBTI persons.  The approach of the training is based on the conviction that people can:

  • take charge of their own lives, organisations and movements;
  • strengthen themselves to more effectively shape their own futures;
  • use their voices and actions to contribute towards the larger goals of social inclusion, social justice and equity.

Using PEMA’s own community members as trained facilitators, PEMA seeks to use this programme in building the strength of LGBTI+ communities and increasing their wellbeing.


For more information contact:

Vincent Ksavery,

Program Officer ,

Policy and Advocacy ,

PEMA Kenya.

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