Measuring the Impact: The LGBTIQ+ Community and Key Stakeholders to reflect on Previous Engagements

Measuring the Impact: The LGBTIQ+ Community and Key Stakeholders to reflect on Previous Engagements

Pema Kenya with support from  the KIOS foundation implemented a one year project (2018-2019) dubbed “Beyond Inclusion: A human rights –based  approach to access services ” which  aimed at exploring  existing relationships and the capacity  that we have with the gender and sexual minority (GSM) community , the law enforcers and the judiciary to advocate  for the  protection of human rights and inclusion of the GSM community  in policy making, law reform and access to services .  The project strengthened the capacity of the LGBTIQ community to meaningfully get involved in policy making and access to services.

The past one year has strengthened some of the LGBTIQ persons to voice out the concerns that affect the LGBT community.  The project strategy used dialogues, trainings and fun day activities on key thematic issues around human rights, access to health, social inclusion and access to legal services for the LGBTIQ persons as integral components of the project. As a community-based organization, Pema Kenya has a team of LGBTIQ community who have been trained as facilitators and dialogue partners and were given facilitating roles and engagement with key stakeholders in order to further enhance their capacities. 

 Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are important aspects of any given project. A key importance in assessing whether the resources allocated lead to significant impact and to the intended beneficiaries. This includes, understanding and documenting learning areas and best practices or achievements realized in the course of implementation. The objectives of the M&E meeting are three pronged: To enable participants, discuss what has worked well and areas of improvement; to document the outcomes and impact including success stories and lesson learned from the previous activities conducted and; to establish key recommendations from the participants on improving implementation and addressing  challenges in the future.

The one-day activity will draw participants from 30 key stakeholders and the LGBTIQ community including health workers, advocates and the county inspectorates who participated in the project. The activity will hence provide some of the baseline data that will be established through consultations with the stakeholders and LGBT community. 

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