PEMA 9th AGM held in Mombasa

PEMA 9th AGM held in Mombasa

The Annual General Meeting commonly abbreviated as AGM or known as annual meeting is an important date for every membership organization. PEMA Kenya conducts its AGM every year to bring together all registered members of the organization to discuss matters pertaining to the growth of the organization. This is a free space forum where every member is given an opportunity to raise any concerns out of the best interest for the development of the organization, the LGBT community and individual welfare.

On 15 and 16 July 2017, PEMA Kenya conducted the Extraordinary Meeting and AGM respectively drawing 111 LGBT community members to one space with the support from the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative ( UHAI-EAHRI), an indigenous activist fund which provides flexible, accessible resources to support civil society activism around issues of sexuality, health and human rights in the East African region (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi) with a specific focus on the rights of sexual minorities.

The objectives of the extraordinary meeting and the AGM were six pronged: first was to inform PEMA- Kenya members the Status Report of the organization spear headed by the Executive Director. Second members to be aware of the Successes and Challenges of the projects and / or programmes implemented by the programmes co-ordinator. Third members to be aware of the new constitution and policies being implemented. Forth was to inform the members of the financial status of the organization, as well as presentation the Auditor’s Report by the Finance and Administration. Fifth, was to conduct a transparent election of three Board Members. Finally to ensure cluster development on the basis of the varied membership in the organization.


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