ROLL OUT: Compassion in Action Dialogues (Utu Barazas)

ROLL OUT: Compassion in Action Dialogues (Utu Barazas)


Compassion in Action dialogue is an innovation by Pema-Kenya to facilitate local outreaches with communities. It is a methodology that espouses humanness and promotes equality in many respects including views and opinions.  We successfully trained 43 moderators of Compassion in Action dialogues (UTU Barazas) who are a representation of the Gender and Sexual Minorities, Faith leaders drawn from Muslim, Christian and African Traditional faiths and Essential Service Providers (Health Care Workers, Law enforcement officers and Local Administrators (Chiefs, Village Elders, Balozis, Sub-chiefs, youth representatives) and other service providers.

We inducted them in the methodology of Utu barazas, reflected on the faith and culture-based hindrances to service delivery. We also took a deeper dive into the existing separate manuals/guides including Facing our Fears (FoF), Integrated Leadership Module (ILM) and Hearts Set on Pilgrimage (HSoP) and found pathways and collaborative efforts in supporting the Essential Service Providers in conducting impactful Utu barazas. It is time to roll out the Compassion in Action dialogues most known as the Utu Barazas.


UTU barazas will be platforms where sensitized essential service providers engage with their colleagues in their profession in promoting inclusive, non-discriminatory service delivery to all.

Utu barazas will largely happen at the places where service delivery is carried out.

For instance:

  • Professionals in the health field, will conduct their barazas in the health facilities, community health outreaches, health camps etc.
  • Law enforcement officers could hold utu barazas in the stations etc
  • Local administration could use their community meetings, administrative meetings etc.


The trained essential service providers will be expected to mobilize their colleagues within their stations of work or even others from different stations for engagement in the Utu barazas. It is expected that this engagement will enlighten and improve understanding of their colleagues pertaining to the inclusivity of GSMs in service provision. 


  1. Essential Service Providers will plan, mobile and facilitate the Utu Barazas
  2. Religious Leaders and GSM persons will support the Essential Service Providers during the Utu Barazas


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