By Henry Ominde.

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In one way or another i believe that all of us have felt the negative effect of being quarantined by Lord COVID-19. I mean not being able to enjoy your freedom, having to take precautions, not being able to see your friends, having to be anxious about how tomorrow will turn out ,worrying about your wellbeing but wait; that’s not all. Some of us are out of jobs right? Some of us have medical issues and this situation has only made it worse. Access to services is more difficult and expensive.

It’s a scary situation and truth be told theres nothing ok about this moment in time. Faith is being lost and hope keeps slipping away. Saints go around proclaiming that we need to repent. That this is just the beginning . LOL.

But here is something interesting, some of us have always lived like this. Some of us have always had to fight for our place. Some of us have always worried about our wellbeing, always had to stay away from freedom not knowing what it really feels like. Some of us have always lacked access to basic commodities. Some of us have not known what opportunity is neither have we known what it feels like to enjoy our rights. Better yet even know what rights are.

Welcome to the club, where survival is the goal. Welcome to the reality where nothing is really yours. Welcome to the days where theres nothing to be excited about. Welcome to the world where you get to bear the consequences of things that you know nothing about about. Welcome to the era where you have to take responsibility and cant simply take a moment to breathe.

Welcome to the days where you have to pray just to make it through to another day. Where fear creeps through your thoughts and you try so hard to battle it but it shows you its middle finger and flips it’s brazillian wig on your face.

I hope you learn something from this quarantine/social-isolation period. I hope you experience the loneliness and mental torment that some of us have to deal with because others decide to be righteous and mean. I hope you shed tears and for a moment wish that all this would end. That a cure or vaccine for the virus would be found and tomorrow would be better.

I pray that you make it through this and that by the end of all of this you are challenged to be a better human being. That you would put aside that title, pay cheque, culture, religion and belief. That you would quarantine all of that and just be human. And just love and be kind.

I pray that you take with you this lesson. Should you survive this, understand how lucky you are and be a better being.



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