Something Human

Something Human

By Henry Ominde.

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Flesh, blood, bones, DNA, a pulse and a brain clearly don’t make us human. Atleast not in my opinion.

Does humanity exist? Or is it just a vision dreamt by those long departed.

Sometimes, I wake up and try to be human. I try to empathise, love and be kind only to realize that no one gives this back to me. Are they even supposed to justify my humanity? Why do I give them such power?

Society doesn’t allow me to say this outloud. I am not allowed to say that I feel drained by my family, job neighbours, friends. No! If I dare to even think that way, then I am a selfish being. But then who gets to share my experience? Is it not I?

They once told me to cry in private and smile in public. That will make me strong they said. Pretty stupid right?

They also said to cheerfully give without expecting to receive. Mmmmhhhh!!! So I guess the emptiness inside me will automatically regenerate while I freely give the emptiness, right?

Is this what it means to be human? Suffering in silence , allowing others to drain you, have no freedom and yet navigating through life trying to seek understanding of what it’s all about?

Honestly, I really don’t care whether or not you can relate to this but please do something human for yourself.

Please love yourself enough to give yourself the best. Love yourself enough not to put up with the rest but find those that appreciate your radiant glory and expression.

Being human isn’t about being born with a certain genetic construct. It’s about learning to love yourself and being kind on yourself. It’s about understanding your mind, it’s flaws and strengths.

It’s about being unto others what you are to yourself not because they need it , not because you are obliged to be that way but because that’s just who you are.

Being human isn’t being pressured to compromise on your wellbeing for the sake of others. I mean, I am my own person.

“I am human, nothing under the sun is new to me. Nothing seen or unseen suprises me. I am capable of anything and everything. Feeling as I do right now is Something Human. “



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